A Year in Space

Just last month Scott Kelly finished what many of us would deem unbearable: spending a year in space. For almost an entire year, Scott Kelly lived with fellow Russian Cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko on the International Space Station in order to see the effects that long durations in zero-gravity conditions have on the human body. Prior to this mission, the longest time periods in space that scientists have extensive data on were only around six months long, so doubling that time would give scientists a much better idea of the effects of space on humans. This mission and its implications go hand in hand with
NASA’s study on the possibility of sending year-in-space-crew-scott-kelly-hdhumans to Mars. For the next couple of years, scientists will study Kelly’s body and how it reacts to readjusting to Earth’s gravitational force and atmosphere. What makes this study even more interesting, however, is the fact that Kelly has a twin brother who spent the past year living on Earth. This adds a new dimension to this study as there is someone with very similar genes and characteristics to
compare the changes to. The main goals of this mission is to see how humans can adjust to long durations in space and what scientists can do differently to mitigate the negative effects. Although Kelly has returned safely to Earth, this mission is far from over. (Source: NASA)

4 thoughts on “A Year in Space

  1. It’s fascinating to me that Scott Kelly was willing to do this mission, in essence donating his body to science. You have to wonder what he was thinking while he was up there, knowing there could be detrimental effects happening in his body at the time. You point out that Scott has a twin brother, which is essential for this experiment of sorts by providing a constant to compare the changes in Scott’s body to. Otherwise, the researchers would not be able to rule out things that would just happen naturally or randomly due to other events in Scott’s life. It’s great that you called attention to this important landmark in history. I hope we will be able to learn from Scott’s experience so that we are able to potentially send humans to Mars in the near future.


  2. Scott Kelly has the coolest job ever. He actually is only the longest American astronaut to be in space. A couple of the Russian astronauts have been in space longer but the interesting point about Scott Kelly is how they are comparing him to his twin brother. Scott actually grew a few centimeters in space! But it was just announced today that he will be retiring at the end of the month, which is interesting because it seems NASA still wants to study the effects on his body but he is apparently done with the space agency so we will have to see what happens!


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